The vehicles are designed for heavy duty, for any company, highly valuable resources. Purchase, usually involves high operating costs and a strong outlay of money, why it should be to ensure an adequate return on investment.

For a business to be profitable, any amount invested in vehicles and machinery must bring resources and / or profits back into the company. This is only achieved through efficient operation and minimal mechanical unexpected problems.

Given the nature of the work to which they are intended, these heavy vehicles suffer a high degree of wear, but at the same time should ensure that they keep working as long as possible.

How it is achieved that a vehicle of this type function properly for long periods of time and distance and parallel to it that is not damaged or breakdowns? An essential part of this task falls in oils and lubricants, which represent between 1 and 3% of total maintenance costs but have a high impact on productivity and availability of vehicles for work.

The longer a truck remains on the road, away from the workshop, the more and better productivity, ensuring a profit for the business. In this sense, both the engine and transmission lubricant, such as fats that apply to the powertrain in a heavy vehicle must meet certain characteristics and high quality standards. Protection should focus primarily on protecting parts against excessive wear, increase the life of the same and ensure efficient operation of the entire system.

Thanks to this technology in the premium range of Shell Lubricants, the goal is precisely to provide high performance products that help reduce the need for maintenance of trucks, protect the entire system and increase fuel economy, as well as offering services developed to improve maintenance practices and business and thereby reduce total cost of operation.

Total protection of components

What components of the vehicle protect Shell products? This in the range of Shell Lubricants technology allows to offer protection to virtually all powertrain components of a truck. For the use for which they are intended, they can be divided as follows:

  • Ritual – Range of lubricants for heavy duty diesel engines.
  • Spiral – Family of lubricants for shafts, gears and automatic transmissions
  • Gauds – Greases with high durability and efficiency for various applications.

Lubricants lower cost, a false economy

It is noteworthy that purchasing low-quality lubricant (usually at a much lower price premium range of products such as Shell lubricants) is a false economy, as this apparent low initial cost is easily transformed into shorter maintenance intervals, more repairs , more frequent oil changes and costs for labor and other stoppages between what ultimately amounts to losses for the business.

Costs complementing the wide range of products for every need, Shell Lubricants offer services designed to support customers in critical areas, ensuring proper maintenance and efficient work of the powertrain:

  • Shell Lube Coach – lubrication training program to instruct staff to provide better yields
  • Shell Lube Analyst – Early warning system for identifying potential failures or equipment Oil before becoming critical
  • Lube Advisor Shell – Shell experts can advise which oil used to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Each of these, in conjunction with the Premium product family of Shell Lubricants, provide specialized support to use the most suitable products for each type of vehicle and work, managing resources more efficiently and allowing greater ROI .

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